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1.What are you wearing?

White t-shirt black vest thingy and jean capri’s

2.Ever been in love?


3.Ever had a terrible breakup?

no never even had a relationship like that T^T

4.How tall are you?

about 5’ 10’ or 5’11”

5.How much do you weigh?

I dont want to talk about it…..lets just say over 200…not way far over but still over

6.Any tattoos?


7.Any piercings?
just my ears

eh idk

9.Favorite shows?

Once upon a time and the walking dead definitely…..lol that’s very different types there

10.Favorite bands?
I have a lot but MBLAQ VIXX are probably the most faves guys and 2ne1 and Wonder girls (T^T) are the fave girl groups

11.Something you miss?

Eh i dont know really have anything i miss

12.Favourite Song?

Hair short by wings and Its war by mblaq and then catallena by orange caramel XD

13.How old are you?

23 going on 24 in a month

14.Zodiac sign?


15.Qualities you look for in a partner?

Someone who’s funny, kind, gentle, caring, and can deal with my bad qualities like worrying too much….maybe help me to not worry that’d be nice lol

16.Favorite quote?

Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you land among the stars

17.Favorite actor?

Eh… emma stone perhaps

18.Favorite color?


19.Loud music or soft music?

Loud music probably i dont hear very well so i may think its soft but its not lol

20.Where do you go when you’re sad?

Wherever i can to be alone for a minute i just need to be alone to cry it out sometimes

21.How long does it take you to shower?
eh i dont know i’ve been known to take an hour before

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

not that much like maybe 5 minutes

23.Ever been in a physical fight?

Does sibling fights count?

24.Turn ons?

Someone who can make me laugh for sure. Nice butts and pretty eyes

25.Turn offs?
Cockiness, being fake and rudeness

26.The reason I joined Tumblr?
Eh i heard about it from amy i think about kpop stuff and then i joined and wasnt really on it that much then after a year i think i was on it a lot

27.Your biggest fear?
I have a lot but my biggest ones are probably hospitals and dying and then my fear for heights is no joke either. my claustrophobia is pretty bad too

28.Last thing that made you cry?
Amy was feeling down so i started getting upset for her and then everything else just hit me like BAM!

29.Last time you said you loved someone?
Hmmmm i told amys mama i loved her sometime today or yesterday i think lol i know i told my daddy i loved him yesterday lol

30.Meaning behind your Tumblr name?
Inside joke with amy from a long time ago

31.Last book you read?
Hmmmm do manga count? if not then i think dear john…idk lol

32.The book you’re currently reading?

Nothing currently but i’ve been wanting to read the fault in our stars

33.Last show you watched?
i’m watching some fixer uper show on HGTV….curse you amy for getting me watching this channel too

34.Last person you talked to?
my darling amy

35.The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
Amy’s my bestest best friend

36.Favorite snack?


37.Places you want to visit?
I want to visit a lot of places but the place that i want to visit most is south korea and japan

38.Last place you were?
Eh like where? I was at my house last lol

39.Do you have a crush?

seungho…could mine really be considered as a crush though?

40.Last time you kissed someone?
Eh….i dont know lol

41.Last time you were insulted?
Hmmmm its been awhile i’m not sure

42.Favorite flavor of candy?

43.What instruments do you play?

I play guitar piano and flute. Piano and guitar not too amazing at but i’ve played the flute for 12 years

44.Favorite piece of jewelry?

45.Last sport you played?

Eh i’m not good at sports but maybe volleyball idk lol

46.Last song you sang?
Hmmmm i think it was Jesse girl

47.Favorite chat up line?
are you a campfire? cause you are hot and i want s’more

48.Have you ever used it?


49.Last time you hung out with someone


50.Who should answers these questions next?

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everythingroyaltyGet to Know Me Meme || (1/5) favourite royal palaces: Château de Versailles (France)

Château de Versailles is a palace located in the city of Versailles. It was home for the royal family of France from 1682 to 1789. The Baroque style of architecture characteristic of Versailles Palace impresses people by its luxury, with colossal murals, rows of monumental statues, and an immense collection of fine furniture inside the palace. The stunning geometric design of the garden and the great fountain outside in the yard. The scale and style of the place shows the world without doubt about the power, the glory, and the wealth of the French monarchy in that period of French history. Mark Twain said of it, “You gaze, and stare, and try to understand that it is real, that it is on the earth, that it is not the Garden of Eden…” (x)


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